The purpose of this essay

The activities of the bourgeois state in the field of housing construction for workers and in general for the poor population are largely adopted by advertising and demagogic in nature and is designed to catch votes of voters. Thus, the English conservatives persistently emphasize that the housing construction program they performs exceeds the volume of construction achieved under the Labor Government. It is impossible not to mention in this connection that, according to the recognition of bourgeois Urbanists, the layout in the countries of the capitalist world should fulfill the function of the barrier against the revolution.

All this has a well -known effect on the nature of bourgeois construction, in particular, it promotes the use of such techniques in the development of residential arrays that, according to sanitary indicators, in terms of improvement, significantly exceed the construction rules existing abroad.

Progressive architects-city builders also have a certain influence in this regard. Finally, one should not forget that in some local governments that affirm design buildings, advanced figures (France, England), sometimes communists, prevail. Noting the presence of progressive features in a number of examples of modern residential development of the West, it is necessary to emphasize that these examples are single. The general appearance of the capitalist city has almost not changed. New residential masses continue to remain small islands in the sea of ​​old or unsystematic built -up quarters