About the exterior decoration of SIP panels

If the situation arises that the external decoration of the SIP panels is postponed, then you need to know that the best option is the hiding of the walls and this material. This allows you to protect them from ultraviolet color, as well as oblique rains. These factors destroy the material: mounting foam scatters from the light of the sun, wood can crack and dry, especially on a warm, sunny side. And oblique rain helps to penetrate moisture through the gaps that have arisen.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, it is extremely necessary to seal the forming gaps with foam. It is very important to protect the joints of the walls of the building with ceilings from rains. One of the cheapest and simplest way is the skin of walls outside by wind protection. She will not let moisture into the walls, but will give the opportunity to go out a couple.

For exterior wall decoration from SIP panels, finishing materials intended for other types of building materials-wood, stone are quite suitable. As a rule, for this they prefer a lining, PVC siding, basement siding, “wet facade”, brick also often use thermal panels and decorative panels that mimic brick, natural stone, elastic plasters, various ventilated facades.