The creation of the interior is personally

As he claims to feel warmth, comfort and comfort in his house. To create all this, you need to work hard. Often replacement of furniture, filling the shelves with design elements and some other actions do not allow to achieve the desired. However, if you attach your hands and desire to the house, you can achieve unrealistic success. Handmade is always valued high, and by this, by placing handmade items, you will add heat to the house, and thereby the interior will become an individual. Family photos can serve as a good decoration in your apartment. Bright photos located in frames on the wall will serve as an excellent move in creating the interior. And even better it will be if you put your hands and frames, for example, decorate them with beads or beads. You can also decorate your house with cute soft toys, or pillows created by your hands. Eat them from scraps of fabric, decorate with embroidery and look one hundred percent. You can place the toys both on the shelves and on the upholstered furniture, but the pillows will perfectly take a place on the couch. Not a bad course in creating the interior can be placement in the House of Flower. However, here you need to attach hands. Pots should look original. Come up with decoration for them, or covers of fabric with painting. Fakes from dried colors will look good. Having a desire with your hands and turning on a little fantasy, you can create an unimaginably warm, cozy, and most importantly individual interior in the house in the house.