A little about bamboo wallpaper

Recently, more and more new and even unusual materials have appeared. As an example, you can cite bamboo wallpaper, which already now have a rather great popularity.

By the way, bamboo from which these wallpaper is made in Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Moreover, it is worth noting that the water is 80% of this plant, and in addition, one cannot help but pass by the fact that after completely drying the bamboo to weigh only a tenth of the weight that was originally with him.

It is important to note that the cut stems of bamboo are not dried immediately. Initially, they are dried to half, and then they are sent for storage, to special warehouses. After several months, the upper layer is removed from them, which is glued to a special fabric base. By the way, bamboo can have a different color, it can be green, brown and yellow, not counting the shades. The combination of bamboo sections of different edges makes the wallpapers even more original and spectacular.

The cost of bamboo wallpaper, of course, is higher than the cost of ordinary and their gluing is a very not simple case. In truth, it is quite difficult to glue bamboo wallpapers, therefore, it is better for this to hire a specialist or at least get acquainted with the technology of gluing on the Internet.