Features of nail extension

Thanks to nail extension, every woman can boast of an elegant and beautiful manicure. This will add a small highlight and make her special.

The very first technology was created more than half a century ago. This procedure has significantly improved and simplified from that time.


Acrylic nails are very popular. This substance is a mixture of fluid with powder, once it was often used by dentists. It was for the first time that he was used to increase – one dentist in America decided to apply acrylic to create perfect nails for his beloved wife.

There are several methods of extension. You can make special overhead plates using tips or molds. In the latter case, the polymer material is used to form a nail plate in a specialized mold. Such products help protect the natural plate from various damage or other adverse factors. They are very strong and last about four months. You can find out more on the SIZE-Nails website. HTM.


Building using a specialized gel is considered the most popular way. The main feature in the material used for the production of artificial plates. During increasing, natural and semi -synthetic components are used. The resin of their different coniferous trees is especially popular. It is interesting that there are many differences between gel and acrylic nails, including shine. Gelly shines more, which often favorably beat during decoration.

All materials used in the work are absolutely safe, and the gel additionally has unique antibacterial properties. The nail, which turns out as a result, has a beautiful and natural look, so it can be decorated with rhinestones, beads or multi -colored foil.

Relatively recently, the extension has changed a little thanks to the most interesting innovation – you need to put a piece of silk under the Tibs itself. Thus, you can slightly strengthen the nail itself, accelerating the extension.

Most experts claim that the gel has many advantages. Although there are no absolutely perfect things and even gel plates have some disadvantages. Among them, the cost of the procedure, in addition, when breaking the plate, you will have to fully increase the entire nail.