Just take a brush and paint

To change the apartment or house beyond recognition, you do not need to transfer the walls at all, make decorative columns, arches or even clean the interior walls just take a brush and paint. As practice shows, even a simple change of wall color changes the room and makes it unrecognizable, and if you resort to complex painting using several shades or paint flowers, when staining the walls, the effect will be even more significant.

At the moment, it has become very fashionable to paint the walls in one room in a different color, this makes the room versatile and unusual, and in addition, in some cases, it visually expands the room. Moreover, some paint one wall with different colors, as a rule, the boundaries of paints are straight lines that are parallel, horizontal or vertical. An even more bold option is not simple wall painting, but drawing on them. Most often this technique is used during the decoration of the children’s room in which still small children live. Although drawing on the walls is also carried out in other rooms, usually these are flowers or uncomplicated patterns. Absolutely every owner of an apartment or house can turn wall painting into a fascinating and creative occupation.