Houses on American technology

Using American technologies in building a house are one -story houses erected on the basis of panels. The design is designed mainly for one -story houses. It is worth noting that for the construction of a house on American technology you will need a car crane, renting a car crane around the clock is possible at the exiled link.

Their plus is lightness, which means that the strength of the foundation is not required. The house is assembled in parts. At first, all its parts are gathered at the factory, and after they are delivered to the construction and assemble. The production of panels occurs in accordance with the technical regulations and the corresponding environmental safety safety regulations.

Houses built from such panels perfectly maintain heat, which means that this is saving on the heating system. In addition, the costs of communications will be minimal, since they do not depend on the house, and vice versa.

The composition of the panels provides strength, and the long -term service life of which is one hundred years. The temperature fluctuations that can withstand the house are -60 to +40 degrees Celsius.

Technologies of this construction in Russia can be used both in the city and rural areas. Short terms and cheapness in construction distinguish data from the house from others. In addition to houses, according to this technology, you can build hotel shops and much more.

American technologies involve construction based on inexpensive technologies according to which panels are made. Therefore, their popularity is very justified in Russia.