Paper towels with a pattern an indispensable attribute of a clean kitchen

Paper towels have an excellent ability to absorb, so such towels are the key to a clean kitchen. As for the production of paper towels for the kitchen, in Russia it has become widespread, and the products themselves are in incredible demand among the population.

Indispensable for the kitchen

You do not have to wash practical towels, they can be easily disposed of. White towels with impeccable absorption emphasize the purity of any kitchen. You can use paper towels in your home everywhere.

Without towels, nowhere

Natural materials from which towels are made, improve absorption. Therefore, towels are perfectly wiped, with their help it will be easier and faster will get rid of dirt from different surface. Classic towels are produced not quite in a classic way, especially if a drawing is applied to towels.

Volume and drawing

A TAD type method for the manufacture of such products is a pressing of fibers, and then with the help of a jet of hot air fluffing the fiber; Then the volume is given to paper towels. The technology is developed so that violations in the structure of the material do not occur. New towels are more practical than the classic version, because even in a humid state they remain very strong. After using the towels, there will be no stains, towels with the pattern will not burst, suitable for glass. It is thanks to such a wide spectrum of the advantages of the hostess that paper towels acquire.