Ground or air transport?

Many people love to travel and this is completely not surprising. The world is ready to offer a huge number of beautiful places and attractions. But how to get to them? On the ground or by air?

When choosing a mode of transport, some factors should be taken into account:


It seems that the ticket price plays the most important role, but in fact it is not entirely. As practice shows, the optimal ratio of price and speed plays crucial. Naturally, flying on an airplane is more comfortable and fast, but the ticket cost is different from a train ticket. Moreover, with the help of online services, you can buy a ticket much cheaper. For example, site. ru, offers airplanes with significant discounts. In addition, using the online purchase, you will save not only money, but also time.


A plane ticket can cost small money, but it is unlikely that the flight will be as comfortable as possible. But here you can get at least minimal convenience, so in this regard the plane still wins the train with hard shelves. It is also worth paying attention to fellow travelers. In the train, where you have to spend the day with them, and maybe more, fellow travelers can interfere with relaxing or getting enough sleep, and an annoying neighbor on the plane will upset you for several hours.


Neither passengers who fly on airplanes, nor passengers who drive by train are insured from accidents. EMERCOM statistics say that traveling by train is about 3 times safer than flying by plane. But on the same aircraft, they always carry out a clear briefing in case of unforeseen situations, and this is not done in the train.


The aircraft departure completely depends on weather conditions, and trains are often delayed, sometimes for several hours, so the choice remains for you.

Health status.

Many do not feel very comfortable for flight, so they prefer other modes of transport, despite the saving of time. In some diseases, flights are generally prohibited, so a meeting with a doctor will dispel all myths. With or chronic diseases, a long trip on the train will not be a joy.

Personal desires.

Often the desire to see the earth outweighs all the arguments of reason and fear, especially when it comes to a trip to another part of the world. Also, some are already used to trains and are not going to choose another transport.

To compare and choose what you like more, you should try both of the transport. Successful flights and trips!