A flat tummy is not at all difficult

Almost every girl tries to follow her figure, applies various diets of food supplements. But it’s no secret that it is physical activity that allow you to achieve the desired result. Observing the diet and regular training, you can not only drop a few kilograms, but also well strengthen the general physical condition of the body. For any girl, the presence of a flat and beautiful tummy is an indisputable advantage. After all, I so want to go to the beach in an open swimsuit in the summer or just in hot times of the day to walk along the street in a short T -shirt with an open belly. Not for everyone it becomes possible due to a small fat and small folds at the waist. But all this is completely easy to change. In this article, we will consider some basic elements and effective exercises for a flat abdomen, which, with regular execution, will give the desired effect this summer. The whole complex consists of three main and simple exercises. But initially you need to find out your degree of preparation.

First you need to lie down and bend your legs a little, placing your feet near the hips. Further, in this position, on exhalation, you need to raise the body to get your knees with your own hands, on inspiration, do the opposite – go back until the floor with shovels is completely touched. Do this several times and calculate how many times you can do this exercise in 30 seconds. Now you need to determine your level of training, depending on which the right number of loads will be assigned. There are four levels: the first (1 – 10 repetitions for half a minute), the second (11 – 20), the third (21 – 30) and the fourth (from 31 and more). Now you have determined your training. Next, respectively, the exercises themselves.

1. Go up to the chair

In this exercise, a large straight muscle is well strengthened, and the very use of a stool protects the lower back from various sprains and allows you to hold bent legs at the right right angle. Place on your back, place your legs on a chair, and your hands are either behind your head, or parallel to the body. Raising your body, make maximum efforts to training the abdominal muscles. Depending on the level of training, determine your number of repetitions and approaches, between which the rest is from 30 seconds to one minute. For the initial level of 3 approaches 10 times (vacation exactly a minute), for the second – 4 to 16 with a vacation of 45 seconds, the third has 5 approaches 26 times (35 seconds) and the fourth level – 6 to 34 (30 seconds).

2. Treat the heels

This exercise is two directions: a decrease in the waist and a beautiful drawing of the abdominal muscles. After you lie on your back, your feet must be put as far as possible to the buttocks. Next, try to recharge as much as possible, touching the heels with one hand, then with the other, bend in different directions. At the first level, 3 approaches 7 times (rest for about a minute), the second – 4 to 12 (45 seconds), the third – 5 to 20 repetitions with a vacation of 35 seconds and the fourth 6 to 30 (30 seconds).

3. Pull the stomach

This exercise helps the muscle responsible for the relief and the plane of the tummy. Stand on all fours and breathe very much through your nose. Then, on exhalation, try to drag your stomach as hard as possible. It is required to maintain this position on free breathing during the given time. At the first level, make 3 approaches (4 repetitions of 4 seconds), with the second – 4 (5 times 5 seconds), with the third – 5 approaches (6 to 6 seconds) and with a fourth 6 approaches: 7 times 7 seconds. For all levels, the rest time is exactly one minute.

You should also remember some rules for creating a good press. Do not wear constraining clothes, by no means perform exercises after eating, breathing in the right way, when raising your body, the bulk of the body is not transferred to your feet, but more to load the muscles of the press. Well, the most important thing is to always be stubborn, persistent and always remember the constant training mode.