Decorative false fireplace – a highlight of your home

A few years ago, a fashion for fireplaces appeared. A fireplace is always stylish, modern. He gives the room sophistication and chic. But not everyone can afford a real fireplace. In most apartments, this is generally impossible. So the so -called false – or false fireplaces appeared. Such a fireplace is easy and easy to build, without even resorting to the help of specialists.

For the manufacture of the frame, you can use various materials. Gypsum cardboard, cinder blocks, brick or artificial stone panels is perfect. A special additional finish is not required for a fireplace of stone panels, just select the panels of one or more shades. It will look minimalist and stylish. You can also make a frame from the beam and sheathe plywood sheets.

So, choose the style of the fireplace, clarify the dimensions and determine the place. Now you can begin to build a frame from the material you have chosen. When the portal is ready, if necessary, it needs to be thrown, alleged all roughnesses and proceed to the most interesting – decorating. A fireplace lined with stone or mosaic, tiles, decorative bricks or several different types of finishes to your taste will look very beautiful. The fireplace can be made from a thick board or artificial stone. The similarity with a real fireplace will give an electric panel with flames, candles of different thicknesses and forged elements.