Stop on the tile

This finishing material is an important element of the bathroom decor.

They say that the bathroom is the face of the hostess. And what creates a pleasant impression of her? Of course the tiles, which are trimmed with walls and floor! If you want to know everything about this indispensable material?

We extend the walls

• Do not buy a large bathroom of large size in a small bathroom: the room will seem even smaller.

• Make the walls light or striped – they will increase the room visually and “stretch” it in the direction of the masonry bands.

• Do not lay out the mosaic (squares of tiles) in a checkerboard pattern. This pattern will quickly begin to annoy you.

• It is better not to get carried away with contrasts – smooth transitions will make the room more comfortable.

• Mosaic, even a small picture, is better to lay out on only one wall: this will attract attention.

• A wonderful addition to the monophonic tile will be accessories: single tiles with a pattern, frizes with ornaments and an unusual, multi -colored grout of the seams.

• Do not use wall tile. Wall tiles-glory, it should reflect the light, creating a feeling of sparkling purity. On the floor, such tiles will be slippery, especially when water falls on it.

Variety and quality

• Buy tiles? Look so that there are no chips on it,

small cracks, zazubrin on the front surface, spots, bubbles, prudes or depressions in the glaze. If there is no way to inspect each tile, pay attention to the packaging. The variety of tiles in it is indicated either in Italian, or it is marked with color – red, blue and green, respectively. The most expensive, without defects, will be the tile of the first grade. But the third variety suggests the presence of quite a lot of defects: scuffs and chips.

• Real finishing tiles are made from natural selected clay, which is then burned at very high temperatures. If you knock one such tiles about another, a pure sound will be heard.

We are friends with purity

• The least of all dirt and divorces will be visible against a non -light, heterogeneous background (but not black! – On it, on – against, very well noticeable with lime plaque).

• scratches – almost invisible on matte tiles.

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