Rest in Montenegro in the fall is a beautiful time for new impressions

Montenegro is chosen by those tourists who are supporters of calm and budget recreation. Here, at present, tourism is not as much developed as, for example, in Turkey, but there is an opportunity for complete unity with nature.

Warm climate in Montenegro allows you to relax in this country with comfort until the end of October. In the autumn months, the number of tourists is significantly reduced, which means that you can count on a relaxed and quiet rest. To get a really excellent and memorable vacation, you should think in advance about the purchase of plane tickets in two directions – this can be done on this site, as well as book a hotel room or house for the entire time of residence. Especially popular among tourists from different countries are small villas located near the coast of the Adriatic Sea. They will be especially appreciated by those who strive for a calm and secluded vacation.

The temperature in Montenegro in September is very comfortable for Russian citizens. Its level is not lower than 25 degrees Celsius. In October, it will be somewhat cooler, but the sea retains the temperature equal to approximately 23 degrees by the end of November. And its purity is not in doubt all year round.

Autumn months is a great time to see the attractions of Montenegro. Indeed, at this time there is no longer suffocating heat, and you can know this amazing country with complete comfort from the inside. One of the pearls of Montenegro is its capital – Podgorica. During a pedestrian tour, there is an opportunity to slowly admire this amazing city in which buildings built in the Arabic style are peacefully adjacent to the houses of the Soviet era. If there is an opportunity to visit the city of Cetinier, then you must definitely see the palace of King Nikita, as well as visit the Cetinsky monastery related to architectural monuments.

In Montenegro, there are many entertainment for tourists that can satisfy even the most demanding taste: from night clubs and bars in open air to walks on yachts and swimming in the open sea. The beaches in this country are very diverse, here you can find a beach with small, almost river sand, or you can get to the beach, which is formed by imported concrete slabs.

Currency Montenegro is euro. And as souvenirs, many interesting things can be brought from this country: T -shirts with tourist symbols, plates, with Montenegrin landscapes depicted on them, various crafts made of shells, wicker from the grape vine, monastery oils and much more. However, one of the most popular souvenirs remain Montenegrin alcoholic drinks, such as wine or “vine”.

The kitchen in Montenegro has three different directions – local cuisine, fish menu and Italian cuisine. So anyone can find what he will like.