Interior update with the help of an old British ship

The designer studio Restoration Hardware has a wonderful idea. Creating a warm atmosphere of antiquity. This became possible with the help of the new Richard collection"s trunks, many things of which were made from the boards of an old British ship. This project has been a huge success, which is not surprising, because vintage is currently one of the most relevant designs for offices and bedrooms. Almost everyone can make a vintage atmosphere, because there are no strict or some special rules in it, everything is even very simple. You can take any things with elements of antiquity or even from past centuries, this will give your room or even a whole house of relevance and unusual. So you can boldly fantasize. Furniture in this style is not afraid to seem strange even crazy. This company released a large collection of ancient furniture, which was made of old wood of an old British ship, on which Tom Richards traveled. Workers tried to make the maximum number of objects out of this interesting ancient material. Tables, chairs, sofas, cabinets and much more stores a piece of history and atmosphere of wonderful travels that this ship has seen.