An indispensable thing – Stamping

Beauty industry does not stand still. The full impression is that its main goal is to create the maximum number of devices not so much for professional masters as for ordinary women. Otherwise, how to explain the appearance on the market and the immense popularity of stamping.

What it is?

Stamping is called a new, but already loved by millions of women around the world, Neil Arte technician. Its essence is to apply beautiful and various selected patterns on the nails using special tools. In the literal translation, the value of the stamping should be understood as stamping. And this name is fully consistent with the essence of the procedure for applying the picture to the nail.


It is not surprising that the novelty easy to use has a number of advantages:

Is a great alternative to professional manicure, which you are used to doing in the beauty salon. The result of a simple effort is no less spectacular, beautiful and neat than after salon manicure.

The main advantage is the simplicity of creating drawings of any complexity. Easy to use each individual tool and the set as a whole, allows you to use it to everyone and each.

Saving. To create irresistible nails, you will need only two colors of varnish and a little time. Ah, yes, also fantasy.

It is included in the kit?

The sets themselves can be found without problems even on the Internet, for example, on the 4Nails website. The base set includes:

Print disk;

two varnishes of different colors;


Stamp for transferring the pattern to the surface of the nails.

On round discs, from eight to ten drawings (prints) fits, but even with them you can make much more patterns. They can be combined with each other. If necessary, you can always buy stamping stencils you are interested in.

As for the theme of prints, it is very diverse – from ornaments to plant or animal topics. Recently, complex drawings with especially small details have become very relevant.