For a beautiful window and cornice corresponding

Oddly enough, but guests very often turn their first glance to curtains with the cornice. Moreover, the role of the latter is quite large. In this article, we want to give advice on the correct design of the cornices.

Naturally, the window without curtains seems to each of us the spectacle is not quite familiar, therefore it violates the atmosphere of comfort in the room. Today you can find cornices from various materials: metal -plastic, wood, aluminum, bamboo. Due to their lightness and practicality, the most universal option is suitable for almost any window. In addition, you can find suspended ceilings in Moscow, with which they will be perfectly in harmony.

The aluminum profile is more often designed for a bayer and arch. Such cornices look good with any curtains, even the most heavy. A metal cornice or baguette is suitable for visual expansion of the space. They are attached to the ceiling and hung on them curtains of maximum length.

Round in the form of sticks of cornice are considered functional and have strength, as well as the wealth of the color scheme. Their cost is low, besides for rural houses, and for city apartments, and for country cottages.

For small curtains, it is best to purchase neat mini-carnises. Shirma-storm is also suitable for large windows. It is based on the river mechanism, the fabric is attached between the floor and the ceiling. The screen is entirely closing the window.

Forged cornices made of metal are given to curtains and windows solid view.

Light curtains are better to hang on the so-called pseudo-carnises. Barrons and brackets go in their kit. These are Japanese, roller curtains or blinds.

In the winter garden, many use electrode cornices. One way or another, and the main choice is yours.