How to buy children’s shoes without fitting?

Often young mom has to purchase shoes for a baby without trying. If we are talking about winter shoes, then it is important to choose a couple in size, so that the baby is comfortable and comfortable during active winter walks. How to choose the right children’s shoes without fitting?

Make a template

If you need to buy a couple in a stationary shoe store, you can make a template. To do this, you need to circle the baby’s leg on a tight cardboard and cut out the resulting trace. All children’s winter shoes to which you pay attention to and which you choose for your baby should be ideally approached by this template. To do this, you should insert a ready -made template, like an insole in each pair and check so that the template is laid evenly and does not bent. It is such couples that will be exactly at the time of your child.

Find out the size by the table

Modern children’s shoes that can be found even on the Internet corresponds to certain dimensional grids. In order to correctly determine the size of the legs of your baby, you should make certain measurements. And after that, use the dimensional grid. If children’s shoes with the size of European or American standards are sold in some online store, then on the website of the online store you will definitely find a dimensional grid on which you can navigate.

Preliminary fitting

You definitely have friends who have children – your baby one. Coming to visit them, you can easily measure the boots purchased by a girlfriend for her child to understand if they are suitable for your baby. Then you can easily find and buy shoes of the same size without additional fitting on your baby.

Buy shoes yourself without a baby is quite real and not at all difficult if you are prepared in advance. Therefore, do not neglected tips and make the necessary purchases with pleasure.