Cheaper cars: what you need to know and recommendations

Good evening! Apple closed its own electric car project, launched in 2014, about two months ago. However, some of the technologies created for it may still find application on production cars: Apple plans to transfer them to Rivian for installation on its new electric cars.

Costs for Subaru Forester

The purchase of this Subaru Forester was not accidental – its owner was looking for just such a car, already being a fan of both the brand and the model itself. Therefore, he probably could not be disappointed in him. But buying a car made in 2002 is still, to a certain extent, a lottery.

Prices for Geely Coolray and Belgee X50

In 2023, the updated Geely Coolray entered the market, but the pre-restyling version of the popular crossover remained on sale – under the name Belgee X50. That is, those who plan to buy a Chinese bestseller really have a choice.