Business sandwich

An electric sandwich is a very useful kitchen device, which is used to prepare hot sandwiches with a variety of filling. It consists of two plates, between which a sandwich is clamped and fry it on both sides. As a rule, in traditional sandwiches you can prepare two portions at once. However, in more modern models, 3-4 sandwiches can already be prepared.

The first thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a sandwich is to decide which bread will be used for preparation: special for toasts or usual we consume in everyday life. But there are universal, such as Philips sandwich. They have models with one compartment, it is quite convenient.

Sands that are easy to cook in a horizontal flat grower are magnificent parents’ assistants. After all, sometimes it is so difficult for a child to make at least a piece in front of a school or kindergarten. And the original and fried sandwiches with a variety of filling will not leave indifferent a single baby. One of the obligatory ingredients in any filling is solid cheese, it is easy to experiment with it.

Some sandwiches are equipped with additional functions, such as interchangeable plates, with which you can bake a variety of waffles, as well as a grille-grille on which meat and fish are easily cooked. Such sandwiches are called multifunctional and their cost is an order of magnitude more expensive.