Bathroom equipment

Having decided to put a bath in a small room, we doom ourselves to the fact that it can take half the space. In this case, you should think about choosing an asymmetric bath. Firstly, it is smaller in size, and secondly, will create an optical illusion of greater free space, compared to the classic rectangular bathroom.

Functional shelves and cabinets are no less significant element of any bathroom interior. It is worth noting that for their manufacture it is worth using materials such as glass, metal pre -processed by the corresponding compounds. At the same time, you can engage in the manufacture on your own or order a product from the master. The first option gives you the opportunity to significantly reduce costs, and the second – get a unique design. Cooperation with the master will require additional costs from you.

In such a bathroom, there is only one towel abandoned on the floor, creates a feeling of mess. That is why during the development of the interior for the bathroom, you need to pay special attention to the fact that for each item that we use in the bathroom there is its own shelf, cabinet and hanger.