At home in summer cottages and a little about laminate

Wooden houses are popular in Russia. Despite the existence of modern building materials, Russians love to build wood houses. Buildings are built from a wooden beam different in shape and style. This building material has several very good qualities. During its manufacture, various impregnations are used, which add positive characteristics to the beam. It is resistant to humidity. It is easy to build a house from it with your own hands. Houses can be taken in firms where a large selection. Many houses are built with attic, which is always easy to redo into a living room. In summer cottages, concrete with different fillers is used to build a house.

Fillers can serve wood sawdust, straw, chips, expanded clay. These buildings are not subjected to mechanical damage, rotting. One of the popular building materials is foam concrete. Repair in a country house or summer cottage is also made as in the apartment. The walls in the house are well pasted with wallpaper or they can be painted. On the floor you can put a laminate coating. The laminate has increased resistance to temperature changes, fading.