Glass for interior doors

Often for doors, for example, leading or living rooms, decorative glass is used.

Today there are two types of windows for doors: hardened and triplex glass. For manufacturing hardened glass, glass sheets are used. When destroyed, such glass breaks up into small fragments without sharp faces, so that the herbs can be avoided. The triplex glass is glued from two sheets of glass using polymer material. When destroyed, the glass does not crumble, since all the fragments remain on the polymer film.

The glass canvas is usually decorated with color and pattern.

Transparent glass and is installed where the maximum lighting of the room is tedious. For scattering light, matte glass is used. Modern technologies allow you to combine glass matting and drawing. Triplex can be colored by adding additional elements that determine the color.

The drawing is applied in three ways: glass faceting – cutting of the chamfer at a certain angle, the use of ceramic paints using a jet printer with subsequent hardening and silkography – applying the paint to the substrate using a stencil.