Studio design and private interior designers

In our life today there is so little beauty. We lack the beautiful, we subconsciously reach for him, try to make up for its lack. Hence such an interest in interior design. Every average citizen of our large country dreams of living in a beautiful, pleasant to the eye of a dwelling.

How to make your home beautiful, not like all other apartments? How to get closer to a dream? Today we have two ways. Entrust the transformation of your apartment studio apartment or give it to private designers. In both cases, there are advantages and disadvantages. Work with a design studio is more secure. By signing a contract with such a studio, you have more guarantees than when working with a private person. However, the price of the work of such specialists will be somewhat high. Private designers will offer you an individual author’s project for less money, but the guarantees that the designer you have chosen is really a good specialist will not be so simple for you.

However, an undoubted advantage of the work of private designers is an individual approach to each individual customer. Whereas in large design studios, as a rule, there is a set of typical projects that take the basics when working with any order.