Dresses and sundresses of the summer season

Last summer, fashion trends allowed the beautiful sex to show all their femininity, tenderness and coquetry. Actual were both calm tones and bright, juicy. Each fashionista had the opportunity to choose the style and color suitable for their taste and features of the figure. Especially pleased with the fact that all the outfits, following the advice of designers, should have been as convenient as possible.

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Sarafans were very popular «maxi» and dresses made of lungs, air materials. Indispensable accessories were all kinds of belts and bracelets.

Sarafans «maxi», or, as they are called differently, «On the floor», have become a great option for lovers of comfort. In addition, they visually lengthen the image and give the harmony of their owner. Summer long dresses also occupy a decent position. The connoisseurs of all luxurious. Cascades of flowing material will always be able to make the image an unforgettable.

Mountains «midi» And «mini», in turn, were very relevant. Famous designers have focused on bright prints (flowers, geometric patterns). This fact was very pleased with lovers of all unusual and extraordinary. In addition, depending on the desire, fashionistas could choose both models with straps and without. We also looked great, and all kinds of ruffles, waxes. They added lightness and airiness to the image of the owner.

Thus, the summer season allowed all girls and women to create their own individual style, avoiding patronage as possible. The variety of actual fabrics and color schemes allowed beautiful ladies not only to look fashionable and stylish, but also to feel comfortable.