New material for flooring

We saw on the construction market a new variety of parquet, namely a three -layer parquet board? Then you need movers urgently. Do not be surprised. This is a new finishing material that appeared not so long ago on free sale. It is suitable for those who care about the environmental friendliness of their interior. Such a parquet board is created from a regular tree of various species.

For connoisseurs of expensive wood species, this variety of finishing material is not at all suitable, since such a material in the manufacture of a parquet board is not used.

Well, now let’s talk about the pluses of such finishing material. First of all, it is the simplicity of laying. If we talk about a natural parquet, then its installation will take a lot of time, and a certain skill will be required. Another plus is strength. As we all know, the parquet can last you for more than one year, and the parquet board is almost inferior in this ordinary parking. Thanks to multi -layer, the board not only withstands a serious load, but also suffers high humidity steadily.

Colors and drawings – these are the two main pluses speaking in favor of a three -layer parquet board. The choice of these parameters is so wide that even the most picky client will select something for himself.