They say about good masters that they can work miracles since they do wonderful things from any materials

But the main reason lies in the ability to use the material correctly, work with it, especially when wood acts as raw materials. Antique massive board is highly of high quality, durability and inexpensive price, which makes it an excellent flooring.

They work most often already with the available materials, parts of OSB plates, timber, boards. For competent processing of the material, so that the manufactured item serves as long as possible even by domestic masters require knowledge of the properties of wood and the field of its use.

For example, such advantages of wood, such as various areas of use and simplicity of processing, have a hidden side: the wood is sometimes jarning, can also be deformed (shrinkage, shrinkage, swelling) – thus, the tree responds to a change in humidity and temperature. To counteract these phenomena, the master needs to remember such properties.

In the wood blank, the end and edge differs. An end is formed in the transverse section, one can see annual rings on it, they are more distinct in soft woods. These rings arise due to the formation of wood at different times of the year. For example, the autumn, unlike spring, is more durable, dense and has a dark color.