Roofing surface defects leaks

A lot of trouble sets a roof defect in which leaks occur in those places of contact of the roof covering to vertical surfaces, in t. h. parapetam.

The reason for the occurrence of a defect in leaks is that the roofing roller coating lag behind vertical surfaces.

The process of this kind comes from the fact that during the construction of the roof, the wrong sealing of the ends of the panels was originally made in special furrows. Another reason for the formation of the defect is their improper mount to the rake, which was originally laid in the wall. The same type of roofing defect is caused by incorrectly installed metal aprons.

How the defect of this kind is eliminated?

The places of the roller carpet, which are lagging behind the vertical surface, and neatly warm with the help of a soldering llama. Then they disconnect the sheets and thoroughly dry each layer, glue it again and cover it with mastic.

After the end of the gluing process, the panels are closed with a metal apron. In this case, their upper edge is fixed with nails. At the same time, they should be long enough to nail all the panels to the wooden rake. After that, the top is thoroughly sealed.