Clothes for the bride on the second day of the wedding

The second day of the wedding celebration is no less solemn than the first. Its center is still the bride. That is why it is necessary to think over her outfit in advance on this day.

A convenient option to combine comfortable everyday jeans with beautiful modern blouses. In the LTB online clothing store you can get a large selection of fashionable and relevant blouses, one of which can replenish your wardrobe. In addition, you can wear such a blouse after the wedding celebration.

It is worth considering also options for luxurious evening dresses. If a bride is short, then it is better to choose a straight skirt above the knees or length to the floor. So visually it will look taller and slimmer. Low -growing girls are not recommended to consider the options for trouser suits, as they illusory underestimate growth.

For high thin girls, you can advise straight lungs, evening dresses from delicate flowing fabrics. The length can vary from, attracting glances, mini to the length of the floor.

It is not recommended to wear strict costumes with jackets and straight skirts. Such strict style and excessive restraint in the noisy company of friends, relatives and loved ones will look ridiculous. Very high girls should also not wear trouser suits so that the figure does not seem angular.

Full brides with beautiful and expressive forms can advise outfits of more restrained and noble colors and shades with a minimum of lace, sparkles, sequins, bows, etc. D. Such a muffled color scheme makes the figure visually slimmer and more elegant than colorful bright fabrics. In addition, the beauty and splendor of the breast can safely emphasize, choosing various neckline options. Full girls should certainly pay attention to trouser suits. At the same time, the fabric should be as light as possible, flying, as if enveloping attractive bulges, and the style is profitable to emphasize the advantages of the figure and hide the shortcomings.

Do not forget that the bride’s outfit must certainly be in harmony with the suit of the groom. The color scheme of the newlyweds of newlyweds should not differ sharply, but to be consonant, as if unobtrusively complement each other.