A house that helps to breathe deeply and relieves fatigue

Profiled timber is made of coniferous woods. Preference is given to them, since on coniferous trees there are more knots and lumber is more even and smooth. Such a beam is easily processed, thereby are the smallest degree of rotting.

It is no secret that the smell of needles has many healing properties: relieves nervous tension, helps to breathe deeper, relieves fatigue, concentrates attention and many other useful influences on the human body.

Based on the foregoing, the conclusion suggests itself: houses from a profiled timber are the most useful for health.

Let’s look at other characteristics of this type of material: the presence of the profile provides dense fit, there are no gaps, additional insulation in grooves and a special castle allow you to forget about additional insulation.

If we compare a stone wall with a wall of a profiled timber according to the degree of insulation, it turns out approximately the following: a beam with a thickness of 190mm = brick 800mm thick.

At home from a profiled beam is very spectacular both outside and inside. The need for additional road decoration disappears.