We update the interior door

If your interior door is quite old, then this does not mean that it must be changed, it is enough to update it, and it will have a completely different look. To do this, it will be possible to perform partial or complete restoration. If you have a phylenny door, then it will first have a high cost, but for its restoration it will be possible to use a new phylenny. This method of restoration is quite simple and fast.

Now a large number of entrance doors are metallic. If your metal front door requires repair in Moscow, then you should contact the company “Reliable Castle”. The company carries out repair of metal doors, locks at low prices.

In order to perform such a restoration, you will have to buy a phylenka, glue, as well as a lecture of the corresponding shade. When the door is simply painted, then for its restoration you will have to remove the old layer of paint, and then cover with a new layer of paint. In order to remove the old paint, you will need to use a hairdryer that heats the paint that is removed easily and without any effort with a spatula. As soon as the paint is removed, the door will need to be spaced well, so that the surface is even. After the putty dries, it will need to be well -smoked and only after that it will be possible to apply a new layer of paint. If necessary, staining doors is carried out twice that the color was more bright and saturated.