Advantages of sandwich panels

Very often today you can hear about wall structures such as sandwich panels. These new finished materials for the enclosing structures gave an impetus to the construction of temporary buildings, retail space and many other buildings. The main advantage of such panels is the time so necessary for modern builders. When using multi -layer structures, stable, durable and warm buildings can be built literally in a matter of days.

Sandwich panels are used today only in frame construction. Most often they “dress” on a metal frame and do not require additional insulation. Several varieties of panels are known today, but the most common are structures made of concrete and metal profiled sheets. The insulation layer is laid between the two sheets of the main material and is connected to it with a hot press or pressure. In the case of concrete, an air gap is sometimes arranged, which prevents the formation of condensate on the material of the insulation and serves for additional thermal insulation. Metal panels are often covered with zinc to increase their expiration date and best properties.