The main diseases of the infants

The appearance of the baby, especially the first, raises a lot of questions from parents. Such issues are related, first of all, with diseases that the baby can get sick.

The worst thing is that the baby cannot clearly say something hurts or not. Any malaise or desire is shown by crying or screaming. Over time, parents begin to better understand their babies. The main rule when caring for a child is to carefully listen to the baby. And in order to understand what is happening with the baby, you need to know about the diseases with which he can get sick at one age or another. Thus, you recognize the symptoms in time and means take measures in time. To do this, you need to consult a pediatrician or register on sites for young parents. It is there that you can find answers to many questions of interest to your diseases and tips for the correct care of the child.

What troubles and illnesses can in wait for a newborn baby?

First of all, this is asphyxia. It is innate and acquired. The disease is a lack of oxygen in the blood of the child and an increase in the concentration of carbon dioxide. The main sign that will help detect this serious disease is a violation of the respiratory function.

The next disease is an umbilical hernia. This disease can be determined visually – in the form of protrusion in the navel area. It arises due to the fact that the muscles of the abdominal wall are weak, sometimes due to heredity.

A common disease in infants is rickets, usually due to vitamin D deficiency in the baby’s body.

All parents want their baby to be healthy, this requires proper care and the main attention to the baby. And do not forget that while the baby does not know how to talk, only your knowledge can help recognize the symptoms of certain diseases.