The area of ​​unsettled creep

It should be noted that with an increase in the voltage in the sample, the area of ​​unsettled creep increases, and in some cases, an increase in speed is also possible, the least established creep.

Depending on the type of dispersed structures of cement stone in concrete and the type of aggressive media deformation, different meanings and nature of the curves.

The studies conducted that the conditions of the external environment determine not only the strength, but also the deformation properties of concrete. Depending on these conditions, the main g properties of concrete under various types of structures of cement stone can vary within a wide range, which must be taken into account when the reinforced concrete structures, as well as in the calculated characteristics when establishing the crack resistance of structures operating in various liquid media.

In the process of deformation of concrete in liquid media, the plastic properties of concrete are reduced.

The effect of reducing the plasticity of concrete is less sharply manifested when concrete in the aquatic environment, since in addition to adsorption exposure, the aquatic environment contributes to the further processes of hydration and swelling of cement stone, leading to self -healing of microdectors in the structure of the cement stone of concrete. The effect of the once hardening effect of adsorption and corrosion-active average is most characteristic of concrete in a tense state.