What you need to know when repairing a kitchen

Probably in any house there is a kitchen, a place in which a person eats, engages, receives guests. Without a doubt, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the house, so it should be cozy, comfortable, comfortable.

Since at present the dining room and the kitchen are one room, there is one more important quality of the kitchen – spaciousness, because the whole family and guests are gathering there, and there should be a place for everyone.

There are 3 types of kitchen repair:

Cosmetic repairs – the most superficial, includes the removal of the old and applying new paint, putty on the walls, ceiling, floor, replacement of wallpaper, tiles. In cases of the need to replace the flooring, doors, windows; Clutching cracks.

The second type of repair is standard – it includes more complex procedures such as: redevelopment, replacing the wiring (a rather important event at the present time because there are more and more electrical devices in the kitchen), the construction of new water systems and heat supply. In addition, during standard repair, changes are made to the layout of the kitchen – additional decor elements are made. Naturally, the standard repair includes all cosmetic events: the replacement of wallpaper, replacement of doors, windows, flooring.

And finally, the comprehensive repair of the kitchen includes a whole range of works on the design of the kitchen to design, decoration, and repair of existing structures. With this type of repair, a design project is created, according to which repairs are taking place