How to feed a child under three years old

Children grow quickly, do not have time to blink an eye and run and do everything in the world, sometimes even what an adult cannot do. But for the development of the future member of the society, a healthy one needs to comply with some rules.

Parents of young children often have a question, than to feed a child under three years old. Today, thanks to various Internet sites for parents and young mothers, you can learn about what to feed the child. For example, here -mam is preparing, to the smallest details, the diet of a child under three years old is scheduled. In fact, after the first year of life, the baby will eat, almost everything, too, that his parents, with the exception of products that have in their composition harmful for his yet stronger organism.

More attention should be paid to dairy products, such as kefir, ash, but cow’s milk itself is desirable only in the composition of a product, excluding its consumption in kind.

No less important are meat and fish that include the necessary iron and phosphorus. It is advisable to enter food in the form of mashed potatoes or very small particles, because their chewing and digestion of large pieces is not always possible even for an adult body.

Most of the known cereals are introduced into the diet of children for up to a year, with age only the amount increases and a little method of cooking can change, fruits, butter or even meat are added.

The main sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables, both in cheese and boiled form. Can be diversified by the preparation of juices, compotes, salads. Raw carrots missed through the grater are very useful. The use of vegetable oil in small quantities will improve the absorption of nutrients.

Sweet children of this age are allowed only in small quantities. It can be a marshmallow, marmalade or pastille, but it is worth excluding chocolate and honey from the diet.

In no case do not give your baby what you yourself doubt, remove products from the diet, which includes substances that you are not clear or doubtful. He will have time to try all this in the future.