Novice avant -garde about the interior

Hang -up style design is one of the most daring and creative types of design. The dominant role in it is given to colors, bright and non -trivial combinations that do not always cause positive, but certainly strong emotions of others. If you are ready for such experiments, there are two ways to implement a creative idea: designer interior decorator or his own hands. The impressive effect is made by contrasting interiors that alternate white and black elements. The final chord in this case will be one spectacular detail of scarlet color. Another approach is possible-to use 4-5 colors in one room, make all the walls different, and apply a giant hypnotic spiral or psychedelic pattern to the ceiling.

Correctly place the accents

Clear rules for the avant -garde cannot be by definition, however, when choosing furniture and decors, you need to strive to maintain the color balance. If the walls are dark or two -tone against their background bright furniture will only win. You can afford excessive rigidity of the lines, the predominance of geometric shapes or give preference to completely shapeless elements. In this style, there are now release chairs-stumps and coffee tables resembling ink blots. On the other hand, an abundance of color when decorating walls is better to balance dark plain furniture. Otherwise, a long stay in such an insanely colorful space can overload the nervous system.

Light is another important participant in the avant -garde interior. There should be many natural lights: huge windows, arched openings and glass partitions. But electric lighting is best done scattered. The greatest effect is achieved by point lighting of individual zones, stylish sconces or floor lamps.