Wooden windows characteristics and advantages

From ancient times, the woods occupied a leading position in the production of window frames. Thanks to the rapid development of current technologies, wooden windows have found a new life. Being environmental natural material, a tree can add the elegance of comfort, heat to any home. It perfectly combines with many design ideas, emphasizes the use of wooden furniture, parquet, doors in the interior. Unlike plastic, wooden windows pass the air and when installing do not require additional installation of the additional ventilation system. Wooden windows do not emit harmful substances. Windows from wood, due to the use of new technologies, in thermal insulation and strength, in terms of tightness, they are not inferior to plastic ones, and under some indicators they even surpass them. Now many people use the disc.

High -quality wooden windows and euro -water are made from a defective glued beam. Products from glued beams are 80% stronger and 40% worse than whole. In addition, high -quality wooden windows is a sign of respectability of the owner