Manicure aesthetically and problematic

Manicure (from lat. manus – hand and cura – care) – care for hands (mainly hands, nails, fingers). By manicure, we can say a lot about a person. Starting with the fact that they say “a woman’s hands is a story about herself” and, ending that women use it to create a certain image.

In our time, male manicure also enjoys success in our time, which is a sign of how a man relates to himself. But, having made a manicure, you can get negative emotions: maybe immediately after leaving the master you will be satisfied, and after a while some problems will arise. So we would like to protect you from this.

It often happens that the client has various infectious and fungal diseases. Most often this is due to the lack of sterility during the procedure. The master should have several sets of tools (since after the previous client the tools must be processed at least 10-15 minutes, and most often the masters accept customers without a break). It should also have a mandatory disinfecting solution or, in extreme cases, buy a microcide sterilizer to protect the client from infection. Therefore, if you ask the master about this before visiting, you will do it better only to yourself.

Some masters do not very carefully perform their work and sometimes can damage the matrix (this is the main part of the sprout zone of the nail, that is, its actual living part. It is inextricably linked with the root of the nail, which in turn represents the nail itself). This can lead to problems, for example, to bifurcate the nail, or it will be uneven with various vertical and horizontal grooves. The growth of the nail may be violated, its shape and structure. So, if you feel that the master uses power, ask him to be more careful.

Also, after a manicure, you may have burrs, so you better buy yourself a gel to soften the cuticle or any oil and lubricate the cuticle daily. Although the master usually does this procedure at the final stage of the manicure, but it is advisable to continue to repeat it regularly. Since the nail absorbs moisture better than the skin, but at the same time it also gives it well.

To make a manicure regularly – it is useful for nails, and for aesthetic beauty and wellness. But we should not forget that the more you cut the cuticle and the side rollers with a tearing manicure, the more the skin grows. Therefore, sometimes it is better to resort to such types of manicure as European (not wiped) or hardware.

And remember that healthy and beautiful nails are the key to a beautiful and attracting appearance.

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