A few words about vertical landscaping

The beginning of spring is marked by the beginning of the summer season. And since the cottage has long ceased to be associated with tomato beds, more and more women begin to get involved in the landscape design of the summer cottage and the development of vertical landscaping.

In recent years, vertical landscaping of a photo of which you can look on the Internet on specialized sites or through a search engine of pictures, gaining popularity. At the same time, modern women not only copy the designs from photographs, but also add something of their own or come up with completely new methods and types of decoration of their country houses.

Vertical landscaping use curly annual and perennial plants planted in the soil or using containers. Vertical landscaping in the open air and in the interior is performed: fence, building facade, room hall, decorating the gazebo, arched openings.

Vertical landscaping begins with the production of a grate of wood, a nylon cord fixed using hooks. Installation is carried out at a short distance from the wall, to create a free space. Planting is carried out in pre -dug pits with seeds or seedlings, in the soil with a layer of 40 to 50 cm. Pits are filled with compost and a mixture of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers.

The shadow side is rarely used, the shadow has a negative effect on the juiciness and growth of plants. To design the facades of buildings, ivy, liana, girlish grapes are used. For a variety of plant species, planting seedlings is performed in containers, pots fixed on the grill.

Vertical landscaping performs the functions of cooling and collecting dust, while positive emotions are provided to you. Rapid growth of plants contributes to the possibility of realizing the original design in a short time.