Daimler battery-powered unmanned tractor and its advantages

Daimler Truck presented an unmanned long-haul tractor. The prototype is based on the Freightliner eCascadia electric truck. For now it is considered a technology demonstrator and a mobile test bed, but in the second half of the decade Daimler expects to begin mass production of cargo drones.

Freightliner eCascadia was equipped with a complex of cameras, radars and lidars built into one unit with thoughtful aerodynamics. The computing unit is located in the cabin and is equipped with its own cooling system. In addition, the truck is equipped with four additional 12-volt batteries that maintain power supply to the data storage even when the truck’s batteries are disconnected. It is claimed that the truck has level 4 autonomy.

The electric Freightliner eCascadia will appear at Daimler Truck in 2022. The truck is designed for short-haul transportation: it is offered with three battery options that provide a range of 250 to 370 kilometers. You can recharge the batteries from zero to 80% in an hour and a half.