Create the image of the living room using fabrics

That they just do not use at the present time to decorate the interior. Different natural materials, and polymers, and fabrics are used here. The interior decorated with fabrics looks in a special way, original and unique. Therefore, that every design project will not be like the previous. Cosiness and comfort in the interior will be created thanks to decorative folds on fabrics, thanks to which the effect of the game of light and shadows will create. The use of fabric for various rooms of rooms is an experiment where everyone can try themselves as a designer. A room decorated with a cloth is created for those people who often change. The fabric will balance the mood and improve it.

You can choose one style or even one plot in which your room will be decorated. Based on the wall decor for which traditional finishing materials can be used, and the fabric will be used for additional decor. On the wall you can create a decorative panel sewn from pieces of fabric. Also, the fabric can replace the wallpaper or other wall decoration. The main thing here is to do everything correctly so that it does not look shrubby and ridiculous. Do not forget about the relevant curtains that should also complement the interior.

Fabric finish is a difficult task that requires dexterity and experience. Before you begin to finish the walls, take care so that the thermal insulation and waterproofing of the wall surface is performed. Waterproofing is especially important for the walls of private houses, it should be made correctly and according to the appropriate technology.