Autonomous sewage on the suburban area

Almost all people who have summer cottages, cottages or country houses are faced with questions about sewage.

The question faces people: make a simple cesspool or conduct an autonomous sewer. The problem is that the cesspool cannot be made at a great distance from the house, but to make it close to the house, the aesthetics does not allow, in addition, the small part of the organic waste from the cesspool enters the ground, thereby polluting underground waters in your site. But with autonomous sewer, unique things are much better: the pipes are made of durable material, which is absolutely sealed and does not allow leaks. Since all communications pass underground, the appearance of your site will not deteriorate.

If you need to install an autonomous sewage system Astra Unylos, then you need to visit the official Eco-Alance website. It is this company that not only sells all the necessary equipment of autonomous sewage for the home, cottage, cottage and small businesses, but also delivered, installation, service and warranty service.

Autonomous sewer has several main advantages:

– The system should be cleaned once in a few months, and silt, which settles in the system, can be used as a natural fertilizer for the garden. If the sewage system is clogged, then there will be no unpleasant odor, thanks to the built -in ventilation system.

– Some autonomous sewers have installed a self -cleaning system, of course this will not clean the system completely, but will thoroughly facilitate your work.

– Autonomous sewage system is very simple to use, is also very economical, which in our time is an important advantage.

If you are for cleanliness, ecology and convenience, you mean autonomous sewage system – this is exactly what you need.