And what does your summer smell like?

When the question comes in the summer smells, it is very difficult to give some universal advice that would suit absolutely all women. During the flowering of summer plants and the abundance of smells of sweet cotton wool, sea water, boiled shrimp and corn, it is quite difficult to choose such a smell that would definitely stand out among the rest with originality and circled the head to representatives of the opposite sex, attracting their attention.

In order to choose, firstly, you need to have a fairly large selection. For example, one that is provided in elite perfumes. Only with a sufficient choice can one more accurately decide which of the smells is suitable for you and this summer. But here you can not do without some practical tips.

If you are going to the sea, it is better to purchase aromas that will be quite saturated and will not mix with sea air. It is better to dwell on the choice of floral aromas from a series of fairly persistent perfumes.

If we are talking about everyday perfume for city ladies, then fresh aromas without cloying sweetness and bitterness are the best suited here.

Experts say that for the summer season it is necessary to prepare thoroughly and purchase at least five different aromas that can be suitable for any occasion.

At the same time, do not save on aromas. It is better to choose well -known manufacturers from lines. If you still do not understand perfumes, then you just need to visit thematic sites and forums where there is all the necessary information.

There you can find out what this or that brand is about what aroma or shade of aroma can suit you in temperament, hair color, lifestyle, etc. D.

And then you will definitely know what your summer should smell like.