We combine the loggia with the room

The decision to expand the living space in the apartment by combining a room with a balcony or loggia, as a rule, comes to owners of those apartments where all meters of living space on the account. In apartments such as the partitions are rpm, they are not subject to dismantling, so the owners are looking for other methods of redevelopment. The unification of a room with a loggia is a rather troublesome thing and you can’t do without specialists: this is a kind of redevelopment, the project of which is agreed and approved by the relevant authorities. The project can be designed to remove only part of the window space or the expansion of the doorway due to the walls from its sides. But you must start with barriers that are usually made of brick or reinforced concrete slab. It is necessary to lay all holes (usually brick) and provide the correct heat system and vapor barrier. Then glaze the loggia. After that, it is advisable to sheathe the walls and ceiling of the loggia with drywall, which is a good insulation and noise insulator. And after that you can start designing the interior in the chosen style. And here to decide the owners, to show their imagination or turn to a professional designer ourselves.