A little about the types of foundation

The foundation is the basis of the building, and, of course, the quality of its execution depends on the life of the structure. For private construction, mainly use a strip or column foundation.

The strip foundation is located under the supporting walls around the entire perimeter of the building. With vertical section, such a foundation looks like a rectangle. Basically, such a foundation is performed either with a pillow or step. The dimensions of the foundation are originally prescribed in the architectural project. The strip foundation is arranged under a stone, brick or concrete structure.

The columnar foundation is built from separate pillars, which are located at some distance from each other. A similar foundation is effective for fluffy soils and with a strong freezing of the soil. The columnar foundation is mainly erected under a frame or wooden house.

There are also pile and continuous foundations. A solid foundation is erected under the entire area of ​​the built house, which looks like a monolithic reinforced concrete slab. A similar design should be used with a significant load on the foundation. For the construction of houses with low number of storeys, this foundation is practically not used.

The pile foundation for individual construction is not used because for its construction you need expensive special equipment.