DIY cards

There are many variants of postcards that you can make it very easy for yourself. There are even a type of postcards called pop-up postcards. The originality of these postcards is that inside such a postcard is voluminous.

The inner part of the postcard can be made any that your fantasy will tell you. You can also find master classes on making such postcards in the World Wide Web.

If you have been friends with a birthday for a long time and you have accumulated a lot of joint photographs, then you can create a photo book from them that will contain all your joint memories. Another original gift from the photos is a photophazl from a photo of a birthday or from your joint photo or even from your photo collage! You can order a photopazil and a photo book on the Internet, there are several sites that make such orders.

There are many gifts, but the main thing is not the gift itself, but how to present it. Even the most ordinary and ordinary gift can be presented in a special way, highlighting its usefulness for the birthday and originality. It all depends on your imagination! Dare and give original gifts!