Turnkey houses erected from a looped log

With the help of new designed production technologies, you can order any type of projects that will be completed both in a quick period of time and reliable in operation.

Thanks to the latest construction technologies, you can implement any conceived architectural project, from the usual rectangular log house to the luxurious tower in which there will be a balcony, attic, veranda and other wishes of the customer.

The technology according to which it is produced, the order of a turnkey house made of a looped log includes: not only antiseptic coatings that protect wood from the effects of dampness and fungus.

But also decorative decoration of external countries, which will emphasize the individuality of the house. Mandatory equipment with communicative systems that are easy and fast in installation, make a wooden house not only environmentally friendly, but also comfortable to use.

The plus of such houses is the speed of the construction of walls that do not require a massive foundation. The construction of the house can be done at any almost the time of the year, when there is even a minus temperature outside.

The time spent on the construction of a turnkey house from a galbed log will vary in 3-4 months in general. The construction of such projects can be either one – two -story structures, and the financial costs of the project are minimal, unlike brick houses.