Features of the choice of iron

Iron – This is one of the most irreplaceable things in the house. But in order to make ironing it was easy and simple, you need to choose the right iron. And for this you need to know about the features of the choice.

Before you go to the catalogs for the site and choose your favorite model, you should find out about some points regarding the choice.


All models provided on the market deserve attention, but choosing the type of sole is worth a starting from personal preferences and features of the fabrics that you are most often stroked. At the moment, the following materials are used for the manufacture of soles:

Ceramics (including cermet). This material is found in expensive models. It is considered ideal in terms of using an iron. The surface is not susceptible to scratches, easily cleaned, perfectly glides over the surface of the fabric. The main advantage – retains a given temperature for a long time.

Stainless steel. The most commonly used material. Very durable, not prone to scratches, does not heat up too quickly, but also cools down immediately.

Aluminum. Irons with such a sole are very light in weight, heat up quickly and cool down just as quickly. Subject to damage and have not the largest service life. Scratch easily, but have the lowest cost.

Teflon. Great option for the sole of the iron. It glides perfectly on the surface of the fabric, does not stick to it and is not able to burn even the thinnest fabrics.

The length of the cord

At the moment, you can find models, the length of the cords of which can be at least 0.8 meters and a maximum of 4 meters. As practice shows, the optimal length of the cord for ease of ironing should be at least 1.9 meters.


A few decades ago, the quality of ironing the iron directly depended on its weight. Today it is not at all like. There are models in stores with a weight of 400 grams, and the maximum century of an iron with a steam generator is 11.2 kg. Weight, as a rule, depends on the material of the sole and related accessories.


The convenience of ironing largely depends on the convenience of the handle. Pay attention to the fact that one is ergonomic, that is, it has a seizure from the inside under the fingers. This is allowed to use the iron for a long time without fatigue.

Remember that only the right choice of an iron will allow you to enjoy the ironing process. Therefore, approach the issue of choice seriously and thoroughly.