Novelties among roofing materials

Naturally, time does not stand still, which means that the development of technology is the development of technology, including this fact does not pass the roofing. Currently, many consumers want to purchase an inexpensive beautiful and high -quality roofing. Now it is worth considering in more detail the fact of how close the manufacturers came close to these criteria.

One of the new products of this coating is the roof membrane. The membrane roof is based on Elon, which in turn consists of two -layer roll material. It is here that the upper layer is made of rubber, while the lower layer is a kind of non -woven synthetic basis. This material is most often used for both new and repair of residential and industrial structures. It can also be used in the form of waterproofing of the foundation, collector and basement.

Considering in more detail the properties of Elon, you can notice that it is based on bitumen. Therefore, he automatically receives such qualities as frost resistance and elasticity. As for frost resistance, manufacturers assure that this material endures the temperature equal to 60 degrees of frost.