What are the bulk floors

In the creation of sex, the so -called bulk floors are rightfully considered universal material, because it is difficult to list in which areas such gender are applicable. The bulk floor is obtained as a result of applying a special polymer mass to the concrete surface. This mass, hardened, forms a completely even surface without seams. Such floors are common not only in public places. They can be found both in private apartments, and in parking lots, and at power plants. This is explained by the many advantages of bulk floors in comparison with other floor materials. Bulk floors make it possible to eliminate all the irregularities of the coating without large labor costs.

With a minimum operation of several decades, they, of course, are very durable and wear -resistant. In addition, the bulk floors are outwardly very beautiful! This is achieved, first of all, the absence of seams in which dust and dirt are usually collected. The absence of seams greatly facilitates the care of such floors that, in addition, are not afraid of loads and are very strong. And this, in turn, allows them to maintain the original appearance for many years. Bulk floors perfectly resist the effects of acids and alkalis. They are not afraid of constant vibration – they do not break and do not even crack. The bulk floors were widely used in children’s educational and medical institutions. These floors do not burn and do not emit harmful substances even at very high temperatures. And yet – bulk floors are completely not dangerous for people sensitive to allergies.